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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nomeradona_Water pool material with caustics

Download the Visopt of this one HERE

Download the VISMAT . Poolwater-nomeradona  HERE


  1. Hi master! I've followed the majority of your works and there are magnificant. I'm italian and I study architecture. First of all, sorry if i'll committ some mistakes to write in English. I would like to ask you something personally because no one has give me the answer that i'm looking for, i'm sure that you can help me. I'M DESPERATE. I'm using Vray for sketchup 8.0 and i can't menage to use every ".Vismat materials" that i download because all of the files are more big than 1KB and when i load them on vray, they don't work and a window compares saying : INVALID ASGmaterial file. I've tried all of ways that i knew and I've asked in every on this site whitout menage to solve this problem... I need your help and i hope that you can help me. PLEASE.

  2. I had this problem too. But i Shifted to latest SU and Vray versions And the materials worked..I dont know is it the right way or not but i think it should work..U can give it a try